MD Specialization

Study Medicine in Moldova is accepted across the world and in India as well. Best medical college in Moldova offers low-cost medical education. Moldova Medical University is recognized by WHO and MCI. The tuition fee for the MBBS program is between 3600 Euros to 400 Euros per year and the average expenditure for food and accommodation is another 500-600 Euros. The course is taught entirely in the English medium with internships with many multi-specialty hospitals for practical exposure and to gain hands-on training.

Master-level studies involve specialized study in a field of research or an area of professional practice. Earning a master’s degree demonstrates a higher level of mastery of the subject. Earning a master’s degree can take anywhere from a year to three or four years. Before you can graduate, you usually must write and defend a thesis, a long paper that is the culmination of your specialized research.

Students who want to further their education after obtaining a bachelor’s degree may want to pursue a Master. This advanced degree is available in a wide range of areas such as science, business, technology, arts and humanities.

There are several state and private higher education institutions in Moldova and a growing number of students. Located at the crossroads of several cultures, Moldova is an ideal location for students who hope to increase their awareness of cultural differences and fluency in one of the Romance languages.



Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

6 Years

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

5 Years


5 Years