DENTISTRY (5 years)
The STOMATOLOGY program  has the mission to train highly qualified specialists, able to maintain the oral health of the population and ensure the prevention of dental diseases, by promoting and applying modern methods and concepts, and using effective management in diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of dental diseases.

The Faculty of Dentistry has gained extensive experience through the academic mobility of teachers, students and physicians-residents in several schools of dentistry in the USA, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, etc.

The Faculty of Dentistry has confirmed its prestige over time, through the specialists it has trained and continues to take all necessary measures for a high quality of studies and for the performance of the medical act. Many of the faculty graduates have become well-known personalities in both domestic and international dentistry, and their achievements are a recognition of the effort made by the entire team of the University in their training as specialists.

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European Dental School Advantages:

  1. All Courses are taught in English
  2. Established Dental School
  3. *NEW* Full Approval by the Dental Board of California
  4. Low Tuition


What are the advantages of studying in the fully approved English dental program in Moldova?

  1. You can apply to the program right after finishing high school.
  2. No need to travel out of the country to determine your admittance.
  3. All interviews and assessments are completed by a visiting USMF committee in Encino, California.
  4. The program is taught in English. 
  5. Just like dental students in the United States, you are eligible to take the National Dental Board Exam (NDB)  Part 1 after successfully completing the third year of study and the NDB Part 2 after successfully completing the fourth year of study.
  6. While in school and doing rotations you will be trained for the required Western Regional Examination Board (WREB) clinical examination and Law & Ethics. Most students will complete all these exams by the end of the fifth year of the program.
  7. Apply for a a license to practice in California after the completion of the USMF foreign dental program. You must have passed all DBC required exams, prior to applying for the dental license.
  8. You will have a rich and exciting experience of living in Europe, traveling and learning new cultures.
  9. You will save money, as tuition and living expenses in Europe are much lower.