Why Choose Medical University in Moldova for Your MBBS Studies?
Why Choose Medical University in Moldova for Your MBBS Studies?

Are you contemplating pursuing a medical degree abroad?  

Look no further than the esteemed medical universities in Moldova. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why choosing MBBS in Moldova for Indian Students, particularly at Nicolae Testemitanu, State University for Medicine and Pharmacy, is an exceptional choice for aspiring medical professionals. 

What Sets Medical University in Moldova Apart? 

Moldova’s medical schools, such as Nicolae Testemitanu University, are highly sought after by international students since they provide internationally recognised medical degrees. These credentials, which are accepted by medical boards in the US, the Medical Council of India (MCI), and European nations, guarantee graduates plenty of job options across the globe. 

Why Opt for MBBS in Moldova for Indian Students? 

Moldovan MBBS programmes are held to high standards and offer students a hands-on curriculum along with comprehensive lectures. 

Many Indian students seeking higher study at Moldovan universities are drawn by the country’s friendly environment and lovely climate. Furthermore, Moldova appeals to students on a tight budget because it provides a low cost of living along with a rich cultural experience. 

Key Reasons to Choose Moldova for Medical Studies 

Moldova is a great place to pursue medical  education because of its strong national economy and standing as one of the most advanced industrialised countries in the world. Moldova, home to 82.3 million people is the biggest and most significant market in the European Union (EU), providing a wealth of chances for career advancement. 

Validity of MBBS Degree from Moldova in India 

Rest assured, the MBBS degree offered by Moldovan universities is valid in India, allowing graduates to practice medicine in their homeland upon their return. Moldova provides a conducive environment for students, with a healthy atmosphere conducive to studying and pursuing academic endeavours. 

Introducing Nicolae Testemitanu, State University for Medicine and Pharmacy 

Nicolae Testemitanu University, the premier institution for medical education in Moldova, offers a comprehensive MBBS program. As a government-funded university located in the capital city of Moldova, Nicolae Testemitanu University boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including laboratories and a lavish library, to support its medical programs. With a panel of esteemed professors dedicated to teaching medicine, the university ensures the highest standards of education and training. 

Application Process and Eligibility Criteria 

If you’re considering applying to Nicolae Testemitanu University, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the application process and eligibility criteria. The university faces tough competition from medical aspirants vying for a seat in the MBBS degree course. Ensure a flawless application process by adhering to deadlines and submitting all required documents, including certified copies of mark sheets, NEET scorecards, passports, medical fitness certificate, and payment receipt of university fee. 

Contact Us Today for Your Medical Education Journey 

Are you ready to take the next step towards a rewarding career in medicine? Reach out to USMF Moldova today to discover more about our comprehensive programs and seamless application process. Renowned for our unwavering dedication to excellence and track record of nurturing outstanding medical professionals, Nicolae Testemitanu University is your pathway to success in the field of medicine. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and start your journey towards a fulfilling medical career. Contact us now at +37 367 697 060 and let us guide you towards achieving your academic and professional aspirations. 

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Moldova-the Synonym of Medical Education
Moldova-the Synonym of Medical Education

Students seeking medical education overseas not only consider academic excellence but also affordability, quality and the best learning environment. Moldova, a small European country located between Romania and Ukraine is becoming the most sought-after medical education destination for students worldwide. With its globally acclaimed universities, state-of-the-art facilities and cultural diversity, Moldova stands as a compelling option for those seeking medical education. The country offers a myriad of opportunities for international students who want to pursue a global medical education. It is interesting to know the possibilities and complexities of studying medicine in Moldova.

An Overview of MBBS Education in Moldova

MBBS in Moldova is a six-year programme which includes one year of internship. The curriculum covers both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Through lectures, seminars, laboratory assignments, and clinical rotations, the students acquire a comprehensive knowledge of medical education. While Romanian is the common language of instruction, some universities have English as the medium of instruction. This comes as a boon for international students who want to Study Medicine in Moldova. Moldovan medical degrees are recognized globally, and they allow students to undergo further studies or embrace a promising medical career abroad.


Reputation of Universities and Institutions in Moldova

Moldova is home to many prestigious universities and medical colleges. Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, a government-funded university is the only medical institution for MBBS in Moldova. Situated in the capital city of Moldova, it has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence. With cutting-edge research facilities and clinical training services, the university offers a well-orchestrated curriculum that equips students to embark on a successful career in medicine. The university has advanced technology and international standard infrastructure that create a novel experience for students. These institutions along with others in Moldova provide unmatched opportunities to study and excel in medicine.


Admission Requirements for MBBS in Moldova

Completing the application process is the first step of your medical education journey. To apply for the course, you should have passed secondary school education with excellent results, especially in science subjects. Also, proficiency in the language of instruction will be necessary. You may also have to pass English language tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc. In some institutions, passing an entrance examination is mandatory, depending upon the programmes chosen. Once you are found eligible, the next step will be submitting the documents. Once you get the acceptance letter from the university, you have to apply for a student visa by submitting additional documents such as proof of finance, health insurance etc. Upon receiving your visa, you can migrate to Moldova. The intake period for the MBBS course is September and October and the application process starts on the 1st of June, every year. So, it is pertinent to visit the website of the university to have a clear understanding of the admission process.

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy has the mission of providing the highest quality of medical education to students regardless of their nationality. Performance, quality, excellence, creativity and innovation are the core values of the university.

For inquiries, please contact us at +37 367 697 060 or email us at [email protected].

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Are You considering studying MBBS in a Foreign Country?
Are You considering studying MBBS in a Foreign Country?

Seeking a world-class medical education overseas is a dream of Indian students who want to build a promising medical career. When it comes to studying MBBS in a foreign country, Moldova stands as the best choice. Renowned for its excellent educational system, affordable tuition fee and multicultural community, Moldova offers Indian students opportunities to fulfil their medical education dreams.

Why Choose Moldova for MBBS?

Moldova, located in Eastern Europe, boasts a rich history and a vibrant cultural landscape. However, it’s the country’s education system that often attracts international students, including those from India, to pursue their medical education here. Here’s why MBBS in Moldova for Indian students remains an excellent choice.

Globally Recognized Institution

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy is the only medical university in Moldova which is recognized by international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). This institution offers MBBS programs that adhere to global standards, ensuring quality education.

Affordable Tuition Fees

One of the most compelling reasons for Indian students to choose Moldova is the affordability factor. Compared to many other countries offering MBBS programs, tuition fee is relatively low in Moldova, making it an attractive option for students from middle-class families.

International Exposure

Studying MBBS in Moldova provides Indian students with exposure to a diverse and multicultural environment. Interacting with peers from various backgrounds fosters cultural exchange and enhances the overall learning experience.

Clinical Training Opportunities

Moldovan medical education offers ample clinical training opportunities, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in real healthcare settings. This practical exposure is invaluable for future medical practitioners.

Life as an MBBS Student in Moldova

Living and studying in Moldova can be a rewarding experience for Indian students. Moldova offers a blend of modern amenities and historical charm, providing students with a comfortable yet culturally enriching environment. Here are some aspects of student life in Moldova:

Cost of Living

Moldova is known for its low cost of living, including affordable accommodation, food, and transportation. This makes it easier for students to manage their expenses while pursuing their MBBS degree.

Cultural Immersion

Moldova’s rich cultural heritage, influenced by various civilizations and traditions, offers students ample opportunities for cultural exploration and immersion. From folk festivals to historical landmarks, there’s always something to discover outside of the classroom.

Safety and Security

Moldova is generally considered a safe country for international students, with low crime rates and a welcoming atmosphere. So, students can undergo their studies without any apprehension.


Pursuing an MBBS in Moldova can be a great experience for Indian students, with access to high-quality education, international exposure, and diverse culture. Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy being the best medical university offering affordable tuition fees, and ample clinical training opportunities, Moldova emerges as a compelling choice for aspiring medical professionals. By navigating the admission process diligently and embracing the opportunities for growth and learning, Indian students can embark on a fulfilling academic journey in Moldova, paving the way for a successful career in medicine.

To learn more about MBBS in Moldova, call +37 367 697 060 or E-mail: [email protected].

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